ALERT to our new clients:  We are Mazrentals, specialists & experts in locating well-priced homes and apartments in MAZATLAN since May, 2001.   We have been known throughout the community as Mazrentals since that time.   Don't be confused by those who have recently "adopted" our name in what seems an attempt to confuse clients, and piggy-back on our long-established reputation.  Email us at MazRentals with any concerns or confusion encountered.  We've opened a file.
OUR PROMISE TO CLIENTS:  Time and money you will save by allowing Mazatlan Rentals to locate your home or apartment will offset our fee.  Our search package is $200.00 USD/CAD . Some properties have a FEE FREE special from time-to-time so please ask.
The Search Team
Trained in the medical profession, is a rental business/property manager as well as performing musico/singer in his native Mazatlan and has just released a new CD. Check out Santana's website for performance schedules.
Travel Agent (CTC)/Certified Travel Manager (CTM) formerly from Canada, assisting on the internet.
Team "mascotas" do their part by getting everyone working, bright and early each day!
* We have one flat fee for home finding
* We are bilingual resulting in the best deals
* We have a thorough knowledge of Mazatlan
* We respond to internet inquiries promptly
* We reconfirm rental prior to your arrival
* We work for you to find the best rental available
* We use only reputable home owners, apts. & hotels
* We send you up to date informational document

Tequila & Confetti
Resources to help plan your trip to Mazatlan, Mexico
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OWNERS: Contact us for tenants.

DBA:  Mazrentals since 2001

"We hit the streets while you hit the beach"
If your questions haven't been answered after reading our website, please contact us by email.  Due to our hectic schedule we are usually away from the phone, therefore we prefer emails.  We look forward to assisting with your Mazatlan rental or property management needs.
                         Mazatlan Office (52) 669-176-5756

We Help The Abandoned and Neglected
          Animals on the Streets of Mazatlan
Many hungry stomachs drop by for a daily meal.
"Flaco" is a brave little dog who has led a tortured life of abuse and neglect on the streets, and is almost 100% blind. 
Herself abandoned, she had too many litters of puppies.
Unwanted tiny kitten, turned out on streets.
A small donation of only $10.00 toward food and veterinary costs will make the lives of many more hungry street animals so much better. They need a helping hand.
We found homes for 10
pups born to a homeless Mama.